Lesson : The Wolf You Feed

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This lesson develops students’ abilities to read closely for textual details and compare authors’ perspectives through an examination of a series of texts about wolves.  The unit activities are organized into 5 parts associated with short texts.  This lesson introduces reading closely for details through examination of a range of text types, a particular process for close reading that involves questioning the text (generally and in text-specific ways), developing proficiency by analyzing textual details for making comparisons across texts, and developing abilities to express their analysis.

The lesson includes:

  • An introduction to the importance of reading and understanding text
  • A downloadable Guiding Questions Handout to review and complete with readings
  • Downloadable Reading Closely and Text-Centered Discussions Checklists
  • Looking Closely for Details assignment with 11 short answer questions
  • Downloadable article and worksheet to develop detail analysis
  • A link to an interactive world map and quiz with 3 corresponding questions
  • A video (3 minutes, 55 seconds) on Two Wolves with a downloadable exercise and a quiz
  • An exercise to research wolves online with 2 questions
  • A downloadable Guiding Questions worksheet to use while reading White Fang by Jack London and a 6 question quiz
  • A final quiz reviewing the content that was learned and testing ability
  • An extra credit assignment on werewolves

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