Lesson: US History: Chapter 3, Sections 1-3

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This lesson reviews early colonies in the US, New England colonies and the middle and southern colonies.  During this course, students will gain an understanding of how the early failed and survived, how religion influenced settlement and government of the New England colonies, and how the middle and southern colonies helped provide economic opportunities.

The lesson includes:

  • A downloadable version for chapter sections 1-3
  • 3 quizzes on key terms and names for each section
  • A video on The Jamestown Colony (4 minutes, 59 seconds)
  • A critical thinking essay about Jamestown
  • A video on Pilgrims, Puritans and Early English Settlers (3 minutes, 54 seconds)
  • A critical thinking essay about the impact of colonization
  • A video on William Penn (7 minutes, 37 seconds)
  • A critical thinking essay about slavery in the middle and southern colonies

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