eTeach® for K-12

We live in a world where two schools just a mile away from each other, supported by the same district administration can have a huge disparity in the quality of content that is being used to educate their students.  This includes content schools purchase from publishers and original content created by teachers.  That’s what The Common Core State Standards were created for, right?  To make sure that each student is taught to a standard learning objective – to equalize the opportunity for all students to receive a quality education. 

Unfortunately, we still must solve the same problem these schools always had: Where is this new content that teaches to the CCSS coming from?  How is it distributed?  Is it sold or shared?  How do we facilitate access to the same quality of content for all our students?

eTeach® levels the field, solving the sharing and distribution problem by enabling the best content and course construction to be efficiently shared across the hall, across the district or across the country; and delivered consistently, or with locally edited “touches.”

eTeach® facilitates teacher collaboration and efficiency for Common Core lesson delivery with the true ability to scale to the needs of districts, states and beyond.  A single portal can manage thousands of courses and the students in those courses.  We support it with a robust database which drives our macro and micro reporting and progress tracking capabilities.

The eTeach® Ecosystem puts users in control of development and scalable distribution of content.  It connects publishers with teachers and teachers with students, as well as other users who want to reuse and adapt content, creating a shared content library and commercial marketplace that makes education more accessible and affordable around the world.

The eTeach® platform gives content creators the freedom to create and publish a single lesson or an entire collection of content teaching to the common core threads for distribution to teachers, who in-turn can re-use and edit the content, adding to it and adapting it to the unique needs of their students.  With truly interactive, one-to-one feedback and group discussion tools, it gives teachers the freedom to teach their way; using technology to support the humanity and necessary interaction in and out of the traditional classroom.

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