Three Religions, One Sacred Place (Section : Ongoing)

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In this lesson, students will learn the basics of 3 major world religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. While this has the potential for being a sensitive subject, great care has been taken in selecting readings and a focus for this lesson that avoids looking at the concept from a political perspective and instead looks at it as much a possible through the lens of primary source evidence (from the religious texts of each faith) and historical facts (what we know from archaeology and written history about what happened in this place). This lesson focuses exclusively and simply on the details of what makes the location important. 

This lesson compares and contrasts the religions, and connects them to geography by showing how each religion places significance on one particular geographic location.   Upon completing the lesson students will have a small but solid foundation upon which they can seek to address their curiosity, and hopefully an appreciation for common ground upon which they can build a hunger for deeper understanding.

The lesson includes:

  • An introduction to the Abrahamic religions
  • A downloadable article and video (1 minutes, 39 seconds) on the Meridian Hill Drum Circle and an essay on the Drum Hill
  • An overview of the geographic origins of the Abrahamic faiths
  • A brief history on Judaism, Christianity and Islam with differing views of each other’s faiths
  • A timeline from Revelations to Scripture
  • A downloadable chart highlighting central beliefs and an uploadable exercise
  • A poster download of Jerusalem’s Holy Ground and link to the Temple Mount
  • A video (2 minutes, 59 seconds) and an overview of the history of the Temple Mount/Haram Al Shafir with a three question quiz
  • An introduction to Dome of the Rock and a video (2 minutes) about it
  • A 10 question quiz on the material reviewed
  • A final essay discussing the significance of the site to each faith