BeamPines Coaching Certification Program

$ 6,500.00

Welcome to the BeamPines, Inc. Certificate Program in Executive Coaching!  Our rigorous program delivers the same powerful content as our fully accredited Master’s Degree Program in Executive Coaching which we deliver on behalf of Middlesex University in London.  There are only two differences: It is delivered on an accelerated basis; 6 months vs. 18 months, and does not require a thesis.

The program can be completed entirely online or in a blended learning environment with online and in-person classroom components. It is designed to accommodate Coaches and Candidates spread across global regions.

The platform you are using (eTeach®) allows for 24/7 access to content, interactive lessons and your Master Coach.  As you complete lessons, your coach will be notified and provide timely feedback on your work.  You will receive notifications when new feedback is available.  

Timeframe:  This course has a 6 month time limit.  Nine lessons are included in sequential order to guide you through the executive coaching certification process.  Each lesson in this course can be completed in 20-30 hours to depending on your personal dedication.

Materials and Format: Learning materials include 17 fully narrated slideshow presentations (X hours), 65 downloadable documents, samples, templates and tools, 23 exercises for practice, and Master Coach review, discussion and support opportunities.

Technical Requirements:  Microsoft Office or equivalent document viewer/editor.  Adobe Flash Player.  Please note that flash presentations cannot be viewed on iPads.

Lesson Descriptions:

Introduction to BeamPines Executive Coaching Certification – This lesson includes slideshows about the introduction, program overview and definition to the coaching process, videos about the contracting discussion and a fun perspective on coaching, and concludes with an evaluation for your Master Coach to review. 

Coaching Models – There is a wide range of coaching models that have been developed.  This lesson presents several examples for you to experience and help you formulate your own model.  The models presented include reflective learning, journaling, BeamPines coaching model, grow model, career management coaching, integrative model, behavioral approach, no fear approach, miracle approach, and appreciative inquiry. After reviewing the models you will make your own and review it with your Master Coach.  The lesson concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge.

Effective Communication – This lesson provides an overview of effective communication, win-win negotiation, stress management, and networking.  Throughout the lesson you will find slideshows on SWOT analysis and giving and receiving feedback, a video on stress, tools, and exercises for your Master Coach to review.  The lesson concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge.

Assessment – This lesson provides a video introduction to psychometric tests, an overview of different types of assessments and their uses, a slideshow on the selection assessment process, and exercises on the use of quantitative and qualitative assessments, interpreting assessments and utilizing assessments.  The lesson concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge. 

Development Planning – This lesson takes a detailed look at developing, constructing and implementing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) through a series of slideshows.  At the end of the lesson you will construct your own IDP and upload it for your Master Coach to review.  The lesson concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge.

Case Studies – This lesson provides 8 videos of BeamPines coaches providing insights into real life coaching issues.  Case studies are also presented for you to work through and discuss with your Master Coach. The lesson concludes with ways to maximize success in coaching and a checklist to keep in your coaching tool box.

Measuring Success – This lesson reviews measuring success from the different parties involved, how to end and disengage from the coaching relationship and provides articles on along the way.  The lesson concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge.

Additional Resources – This lesson contains 25 coaching and leadership resources to download and keep in your coaching toolbox.

Final Exam - This lesson contains a comprehensive exam with question types including multiple choice, short answer, true/false, matching, and essay.  Upon successful completion of the exam and completed coaching hours, you will receive your BeamPines Executive Coaching Certification. 

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