Coaching Models - BeamPines Coaching Certification Program

$ 1,000.00

Welcome to Coaching Models!  This course introduces different types of coaching models and helps you build your own coaching model.  This course is part of BeamPines’ rigorous program that delivers the same powerful content as our fully accredited Master’s Degree Program in Executive Coaching which we deliver on behalf of Middlesex University in London. This course was built as a key component of the BeamPines Executive Coaching Certification program and can be added to your own coaching development toolkit. 

The course can be completed entirely online or in a blended learning environment with online and in-person classroom components. It is designed to accommodate Coaches and Candidates spread across global regions.

The platform you are using (eTeach®) allows for 24/7 access to content, interactive lessons and your Master Coach.  As you complete lessons, your coach will be notified and provide timely feedback on your work.  You will receive notifications when new feedback is available.  

Timeframe:  This course has a 3 month time limit.  One lesson is included in sequential order to guide you through coaching models and developing your own.  This lesson can be completed in about 20 hours to depending on your personal dedication.

Materials and Format: Learning materials include 5 fully narrated slideshow presentations, 1 video (5 minutes, 22 seconds), 1 downloadable article, and 7 exercises including downloadable documents to work on reflective learning and building your own coaching model.  There is also an online quiz to measure your understanding of the concepts presented in the entire lesson.

Technical Requirements:  Microsoft Office or equivalent document viewer/editor.  Adobe Flash Player.  Please note that flash presentations cannot be viewed on iPads.